News 16.03.2022

Quality and style – our new servo-controlled deep-drawing press fulfils many wishes

In the Nordic countries, Meconet has been among the first to invest in this new technology; a new and efficient deep-drawing press will be commissioned at the Äänekoski plant in Finland. The new press is expected to improve compliance with the needs of modern production and product design.
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Uusi ja tehokas syvävetopuristin

News 20.04.2021

Power and cost savings – the new and efficient deep-drawing press tackles many challenges

technology; a new and efficient deep-drawing press will be commissioned at the Äänekoski plant in spring.
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News 20.11.2020

The Äänekoski plant is moving, growing and developing

Meconet’s plant in Äänekoski, Finland, is moving to new premises. Compared to the old plant, there are many improvements.
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Meconet Vantaan tehtaalta toimivat ratkaisut

News 21.10.2020

The Vantaa plant will find functional solutions for customers

The versatile expertise and extensive machinery of the Vantaa plant allow a wide range of customer projects and solutions.
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News 28.04.2020

Outsourcing to a reliable partner is a wise choice

With the changes currently happening in the world, quite a few of our clients are thinking about how an outsourced service can function across many countries and seas.
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News 14.04.2020

Meconet investing in spring production: torsion springs even from 10 mm wire

A new Wafios FMU-80 torsion spring coiler has now been acquired for our production facility at Pihtipudas. It allows for more versatile shapes and bends even from thicker wire.
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News 31.03.2020

Meconet Oy is building a new factory at Hirvaskangas

Meconet Oy and Lehto Tilat Oy (a part of Lehto Group) have agreed to build a new factory at Hirvaskangas, Äänekoski.
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News 22.10.2019

Meconet has been awarded the International Automotive Task Force certification

The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) has awarded the IATF 16949 certification to Meconet.
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