Blog 12.07.2021

SMED Analysis for More Sensible Work

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Blog 17.03.2022

New servo-controlled deep-drawing press fulfils many wishes

complicated shapes without welds constitute common challenges in metal part manufacture.
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Blog 17.03.2022

Meconet new Deep drawing technology center – Flagship in Äänekoski

Meconet new plant and Deep drawing technology center in Äänekoski is our response to changing customer needs. It brings will…
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Blog 14.09.2021

Efficient Logistics Chain for Competitive Edge

The functionality of logistics is pivotal from the viewpoint of competitive ability. It is important to consider logistical requirements already in the product and production design stage, so as to render packaging and transportation cost-effective and purposeful.
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Blog 27.04.2021

Safe operations with modern IoT technology

When the global COVID-19 epidemic broke out in spring 2020, we at Meconet started putting together a strategy to cope with it. We wanted to make sure our production stays up.
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