Blog 06.02.2024

Make use of our sustainable development expertise in your product design 

Our business strategy is based on sustainable development. As regards our operations, the goal is to halve the carbon footprint by 2025 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 at the latest. 
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Blog 30.10.2023

Outsource it – gain efficiency and savings in production

Meconet’s Tallinn factory is constantly evolving. One of Meconet AS’s points of pride is the outsourcing service, where we take over production and parts assembly from our customers. Customised process solutions allow us to manage even the most complex outsourcing projects efficiently and profitably.
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Blog 24.10.2023

Sustainable growth – continuously reducing emissions

Meconet has ambitious growth targets. We are targeting a turnover of EUR 100 million by the end of the strategy period, which means rapid organic growth.
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Meconet international

Blog 31.08.2023

Meconet’s new plant investment in Central Europe – let’s hear your wishes!

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Production tools are precious assets

Blog 12.06.2023

Production tools are precious assets

Product-specific tools are at the core of contract manufacturing, and their good condition is of primary importance in terms of product quality and delivery reliability. It is also important to remember that the tools are the property of the customer and often also a significant investment
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Blog 03.05.2023

Take advantage of our design support and reduce your company’s carbon footprint

Today reducing the carbon footprint is a daily task for every company. Efforts need to be made to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in all areas of operation where this is possible.
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Blog 19.04.2023

A Clear Image of the Future – Time for a New Strategy

Meconet’s history dates back over one hundred years. What we are today is the result of long-term development. The mindset and values of a family business have always guided our daily life. Nevertheless, as we are all part of a larger whole, our operation is also strongly governed by external factors and requirements.
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Meconet spring challenge

Blog 23.03.2023

Tell us your spring challenge, we’ll find a solution

There are numerous different standard springs for different uses, for example, for valve manufacturers, trailer industry, elevators, and process industry. It is essential to always find the most suitable solution for the challenge at hand.
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