Blog 26.01.2023

A prototype is the best friend of further product development

In many cases, companies already have a finished product, but it needs an update or improvements are desired. We can help with such cases. Meconet’s prototype design and small series production will lead to outcomes giving a new boost to the product’s sales.
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Blog 09.11.2022

LEAN concreteness in Tallinn

We have strongly introduced the LEAN way of thinking at Meconet’s plant in Tallinn. Through operation in accordance with the LEAN basic principles, we have achieved remarkable progress in the plant’s daily life. When small but efficient steps are repeatedly taken every week and month, the results follow quickly.
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Blog 08.11.2022

Common Sense LEAN – the Meconet way to work

We have been making use of the LEAN philosophy ever since 2008. We have taken steps both forward and backward over the years. Operation in accordance with the LEAN model is never finished; it is ongoing work.
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Blog 08.11.2022

Meconet: En route to carbon neutrality

Responsibility is pivotal for Meconet today and even more so in the future. We are pleased with that over the last three years the demand for responsible and ethical operation has grown significantly in the industry.
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Blog 13.10.2022

Co-operation in product design brings significant benefits for the customer

Prototype design, prototype manufacture and small series production constitute important steps towards series production. At Meconet, professional staff is involved in prototype tasks all the way from design to production. Indeed, an idea needs to be a comprehensive package combining skills and knowledge, experience and technology, and co-operation with the customer.
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Blog 31.05.2022

Is spring design important?

“After all, the spring is such a small part of the whole assembly; why not leave spring design to the very end of the process?”
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Blog 19.05.2022

Consider logistics already in product design to save time, money, and the environment

Above all, product design is driven by the product’s functionality and cost-effectiveness, and this is altogether natural. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to consider logistical aspects as well already in the design stage.

Therefore, we encourage our customer to involve us as early as during the product concept development phase. We can help our customers to see what is possible in serial production, as well as what is efficient and economically viable from the logistics viewpoint.

Logistics should be contemplated broadly. In addition to product transportation, it includes product packages, as well as packaging and handling of the actual products.

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Blog 28.04.2022

The right way to overcome the most common challenge in spring design

The main task of a spring is to produce the force required for the operation of the end product. However, to operate, a spring requires enough space around it.
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