Blog 23.03.2023

Tell us your spring challenge, we’ll find a solution

Meconet spring challenge

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Blog 12.07.2024

The team behind the solution – Meconet’s close internal co-operation is beneficial for the customers

Co-operation with our customers plays a key role in design, production, assembly, and logistics alike. However, the co-operation between Meconet's different teams is also reflected for the customers in smoother, more efficient and more economical processes.
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Blog 17.06.2024

The many levels of sustainability work – and a common objective

Our business strategy is based on sustainable development. As regards our operations, the goal is to halve the carbon footprint by the end of 2025 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 at the latest. On this path, we are on schedule, annually reducing emissions by approximately 10 per cent.
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Blog 20.05.2024

Meconet AB is getting stronger – Korab Durmishaj starting as key account manager

During this past spring, Korab Durmishaj started at Meconet AB. Bringing considerable experience and a broad network, Korab will primarily enhance Meconet's deep drawing expertise. Additionally, this means that Meconet AB also now have another office in Ulricehamn.
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Blog 07.05.2024

Meconet Innovation Day – deeper understanding for better utilisation

We have conceptualised an Innovation Day event for our key customers; the participants can acquire a deeper understanding of our operations and discuss their own design challenges.
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